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Feeling Festive? Not yet.

I get paid christmas eve, unfortunately I'm working christmas eve so I'm not going to be able to spend any money.

This is a potential problem because:

Before I get to buy Christmas stuff ie. food and presents this month I've had to pay all the bills, all the rent and the car has gone in for its MOT today. Hopefully that wont cost too much as I'd like some cash left in my bank 'lol'...

I'll have about 150 quid left for the rest of the month, so should be okay, but it's a bit frugal this year. Mike doesn't have drum pupils or that many gigs during Christmas as schools are off and pubs are tight. It will pick up in January probably but before that I'm doing a hec of a lot of overtime and extra stuff at work.

Possibly may be pregnant as well btw - but I'm not counting that for definate until at least Sunday when I'll buy a test and will hold my breath until 3 months are up if that is a yes on the test as pretty much EVERY female in my family have miscarried the first. Am prepared for that, so won't be too upset in that eventuality.

Oh well, I'll stop ranting now. Shouldnt drink coffee too early in the morning - makes me slightly wired...


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