Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Phobias and Weird Compulsions

Firework night passed by a little easier this year.

I only ran away screaming from garden fireworks about three times - a catherine wheel I panicked about, and two bomb things that went higher than expected and were ricocheting off the tree in random directions.  I spilled mulled wine all down myself at that point.

I held a sparkler for the second year in a row as well. Last year was the first time.

The cats were less bothered than I was, and I still jumped and squealed in the living room when rockets went bang outside.

I have a firework phobia - which stems from when I was about 6 or 7 and went to a friends firework party.

A big rocket fell over in its milk bottle and whizzed by about 5 inches from my ankle. We all jumped into the hedge when it went past otherwise it would have hit us, and we were taken inside and given cocoa.

I have been uber-scared of fireworks ever since and don't go out on bonfire night. Up until last year I've always watched from indoors - school ones from the staff room etc etc.

To top it all, I had to confront my other phobia on firework night too...

Exploding balloons!

Ellie, who is 10, had devised a game in which things were hidden inside balloons that could only be retrieved by bursting.

I stayed in the kitchen till it was over.


I suppose in general I have a fear of sudden noises, to go with my phobia of big spiders, drowning, monsters eating my ankles if I hang them out of the bed, wrists (blame 'SCUM' the movie) and vertigo.

I don't like my bellybutton being touched either. When I was a kid I had an 'outy' and the doctor said if it didn't go away they'd operate. I used to press it a lot because it was funny.
It went in as I got older thankfully, but now it's an 'innie' I can't touch it. It makes me feel sick if I think about it lol!

If you thought balloons and bellybuttons were odd, my sister has an irrational fear of buttons.

Only the ones with holes in - but she doesn't know why except that she screams, shakes and cries when she sees them - she can't control it!!

She also can't walk over manholes or on lines.  I avoid the cracks - but that's only because the bears will get me - so we both know where that one came from.


Ho hum.


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