Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Cat Scratch Fever : A Halloween Tail

 Ding Dong Dell

The first time I saw it I was on my way home from work, late at night on a crisp winter evening toward the end of October.  The air was cold, the sky was clear and, for a Monday night, all was relatively quiet.


I saw it as I was walking up the hill past the local cemetary toward the local pub to meet my husband - just a glimpse of something behind a headstone - then appearing to follow me as I made my way along - staring at me red-eyed from the shadows - one stone to another, then to the wasteground behind the school and the supermarket car park.  Reaching the Plain, I lost it - but there were a lot more people about - late night revellers spilling out onto the pavement from the local bars along that patch of road.


I was left with nothing more than a memory of those red eyes and perhaps a suggestion of matted, soggy black fur - nothing identifiable.  I assumed it was merely a stray that had followed me home as they often do.


I'm what you might call a 'cat person' - more tuned in to cats than people I'll freely admit, as from birth I'd be left on the mat with my mothers cat rather than in the rocker or the crib.  I've never been without cats - and am able to tame the wildest of them with the merest blink or a well-aimed tickle in the right place, So I wasn't too surprised at what I'd seen.  At least, until I read the newspaper the following day....


Halloween This Weds 31st Oct at the Fort

Miss Von Trapp and The Bernies from 10pm
Free shot of 'Devils Semen' for anyone in Fancy Dress
Pumpkin Carving Competion

and much much more...

Come join in the thoroughly wild if not downright dangerous celebrations...

(and injure your ears with my psychocello cabaret...)

Lizzi x



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