Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Odd Ball Fun and Frolics!


Meant to have an afternoon practice but ended up going down to the Guildhall to watch Debbie and Wyvern do bellydancing - and kind of gatecrashed - pics of me bellydancing in my jingly coin costume outside the Guildhall on my myspace page *giggle*

 Had a spot of practice for an hour (if that) before the Odd Ball - playing around with Tenor Banjo chords in the Stabcurdle Jack song... 

Gig in evening went fantastically! Really had the audience ('good evenink children...) and had Joe rolling around on the floor infront of me pretending to be a dog with my screwed up paper lyrics in his mouth since I was aiming them at him....

Loved the microphone - SM57 - can really play with techniques and range on it. WANT ONE!!


Went to Buckland Abbey for the afternoon and joined the National Trust.  Had a good look round and bought some spiced Christmas Mead. Yum!

Went to pub for a pint and had roast chicken in the evening after only eating 2 pieces toast all day. Oop!!

But I did get 3 cups of tea out of a pot of tea for one at Buckland Abbey... 


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