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No sand in *my* sandwiches!! Cornwall is beautiful...

Yesterday brought home to me how truly lucky I am to live in the Westcountry. I *know* I moan about the locals, foul pasties, and such-like...but where I went yesterday just knocked all of that out of the back of my head with the astounding beauty of the place. Obviously, I took lots of photos...which I will put on cd later in the week.

I got up at about 12 lunchtime and went to mutley plain to meet up with some of my workmates at the pickup point for the minibus. Went to Somerfield and bought Lemon Iced Tea, Ginger Beer, Rasberry Jam sponge cake and ham sandwiches...then waited till the bus arrived. Got on, picked up more people along the way, and got the Torpoint Ferry into Cornwall...

...then it was a beatiful drive along deep, tree-shrouded country lanes to Whitsand Bay...a wide open stretch of sandy beach that runs for a couple of miles at least, full of large rocky outcrops, natural waterfalls down to the sea, and deep rock pools behind the rocks as the tide creeps right up to the cliff face. I cannot emphasise enough just how beautiful it is...the best thing being that it is usually relatively you can wander up and down the shore in peace. There's nothing I hate more than crowded beaches...I like to hear the waves crashing on the rocks and the lonely scream of the seagull...not loud music, wailing children and arguing couples...

We took the long walk down to the beach...a cliff path that I had to go REALLY slowly on, and steady myself with my hands a few times...probably lethal in the rain...and got down to the beach itself just past 3pm. I wandered around with my camera, took some photos of rocks, sea, skyline etc, and some cool group ones, following my friends along from behind. Then they all went in the sea (yeuch!), and we started up the barbecue. Mary took some posey photos of me too hehe...couldn't turn down a location like that...but I bet I'll look windswept and squinty and awful, cause the sun was rather bright!

Once the barbecue got going I drank my iced tea and had a quarterpounder with cheese and bbq sauce, and then a large chunk of steak in a bun. Yummy! Couldn't eat more than that as I'd already had my ham salad sandwiches and a doughnut...but it was very tasty nevertheless...

When the tide began to creep in, and everywhere that I had wandered collecting hinged shells, polished glass and other pretty things earlier was totally submerged, we climbed up the cliff path (I had to sit down twice!) and got back into the bus to go elsewhere.

Once in the bus, we headed for Looe. Through leafy, sunset-painted lanes and across wide open stretches of farmland we drove...spotting scarecrows along the way! Apparently there is an annual scarecrow competition in this area of Cornwall...and we saw traffic wardens, formula 1 racers, postmen, one fishing, one holding a speed camera, one pushing a plough...all VERY lifelike and dressed...except for straw hands and head...most peculiar!!

Eventually got to Looe at about 7pm...we all wandered into the town...stopping briefly in the arcades to play on games and stuff...I tried to get a Fimble soft toy in the hook/grip thingy...but I didn't manage it...bah!! Thank god I didn't spot the Bagpuss one...or I might have got a bit upset lolol!!

We then wandered down through the village centre...tiny little curvy lanes, with old buildings and shell shops, pasty shops, clothes stores and an old cornish picture postcard...then we went to the Ship Inn...a pub with a mix of modern and old decor...paintings of tall ships on the walls, and the customary painting of the defeat of the Spanish Armada...bits of old ship rigging, and a pool table and karaoke.

Oh dear, Karaoke...

I'm a trained singer, have been in choirs since I was very little, and always sing solo in theatre shows whenever the opportunity arises...but I HATE karaoke...I think it's because of the microphone...I don't really need one...and holding one makes me feel extremely self-conscious...needless to say I was put up to it and ended up singing 'Black Velvet' by Alannah Myles...I was good...and I got applause/cheers thank god...but I was SOOO embarrassed that I pretty much downed a rum and coke within 15 minutes afterwards...and smoked 2 cigarettes in a row...this left me pretty tipsy, as I'd already had a pint of Cornish Cream Ale before I got up to sing... we left the pub at 9:45, and walked/wobbled our way back to the minibus...left Looe at about 10pm to begin the drive home...

I love night Devon and Cornwall the roads are dark and empty, with just the cats-eyes and occasional streetlight to go by, with fields stretched out all around...I sat at the front and kept my eyes open for bunnies all the way back (we went via Saltash and the Tamar Bridge)...saw just one, diving through an old gate as we turned the corner...but that was enough...

Getting back into my crummy old city was the end of the drive when you've had a great holiday away as a child...and there you are back at your old house again and school tommorow...I got dropped off near my house, and walked up my road to the flat...thinking about having to be in work by 6pm today...I'm doing overtime again. Bleh!

Got in, sorted out my collection of shells...and cooked some dinner...pasta, chopped tomatoes, tuna, worcestershire sauce and basil. Was actually very nice, and my flatmate and I finished off a bottle of red wine with it. Went to bed at about 2am...after I'd washed the sand off my toes, and shaken it all out of my socks and least none of it got in my food for once hehe!!

All in all, it was a fantastic day out, and it made me appreciate my surroundings a bit in a flat in the city can sometimes get a bit dull...and the fact that I have not only the vast, rugged moors 10 mins drive from my house, but beautiful coastlines and picturesque villages reminds me how fantastic the south west of England is...and how lucky I am to be here. I don't think I'd like to be anywhere else at the moment...if only I could drive...

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You represent... hope.
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