Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

One woman's Morris

I am utterly exhausted back at work today, but have had a fantastic weekend!

Got the bus down early saturday morning, and that trip in itself was rather random as I met up with a couple from Edinburgh who let me ride in their taxi from Looe to Polperro rather than struggle on the second bus with their luggage and mine - then I had to find the morris dancers - so asked in a pub, then a postman, then got a milkfloat tram up the hill to where they were dancing!

I was most impressed with the dances - particularly my husband's dancing - which I'd never seen before... And the members of Cat's Eye morris were absolutely lovely! I fit right in!

In fact, I learnt two dances in the evening, and sang in sessions in a pub or two as well!!

We were knackered by the end of saturday, and I spent a most uncomfortable night on the ground in the tent as we hadn't pumped up the airbed - but there was more dancing Sunday and a few singsongs in a pub as well...

Finally got home about six-ish and fell asleep on the sofa!

Have slept a LOT since yesterday evening... And I'm going to thoroughly enjoy sitting down at work for 8 hours today - I hadn't realised Morris dancing was so much hard work physically lol!!

Going to do it again hopefully soon...

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