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Goff nite and all that jazz...

*apologies in advance for my grammar and punctuation...I've had a few drinks*

Went out to wildgift93's house at about 5pm...met her hubby, beautiful kitty and stupidly affectionate Jack Russell...

...her house is really cool...I totally love the decor...and noticed at least two prints that my family have that I love...her doggy sat on my lap at every opportunity as well lol!!

Watched the South Bank show documentary on Nick Cave whilst she and hubby prepared dinner...then we ate an utterly delicious lasagne with a glass of red wine. Then we talked for a bit, listened to some really good music (Die form and suchlike) which I shall be needing copies of...and then put our makeup on...

...took some photos using a digital cam, which I shall receive via email later, and post...and then went to Black Catz... general, the music in there tonight was pretty crap...and only about half of the regulars were there...I did, however, meet up with matthewnorth, his wife and friends, my gorgeous friend Emma (with Lah, who was djing), Ali and partner (in a huge yellow and black striped fur fabric coat!) and a few other people that I know...

...danced a bit to Bauhaus, Sisters, Joy Division, NIN etc etc...and rather overdid it to neck will probably be owwie later:/

We got a bit bored...too much punk and other crappy stuff...but I was careful with the alcohol since I'll probably get mashed on the beach later on today...and then I was dropped home about half an hour ago.

Going to cook some food, have a cup of tea, and go to bed in an hour or so...gotta get up later for another fab day out!!

I'm making the most of it this weekend as I'll probably be penniless for the rest of the month:/



And keep your eye out for the piccies as soon as I have them...

Ooh...and I'm thinking of cutting a solid fringe at the front of my forehead...input please?


I'm the one on the left in the first photo with the curly eye the right is wildgift93


Not that great...but there ya go...


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