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Our First Wedding Anniversary Week – 2nd – 8th June 2007

Saturday 2nd June 07


3 tea

1 coffee

2 beer

Chilli burger

Ham sandwich

3 choc hobnobs

1 cocoa w/ rum in


Went to the caravan at 3pm – only took 30 mins to get to Noss Mayo/Stoke Beach from Plymouth.  We spent the evening sitting down in the 15th C Church (st Peter the fisherman) looking for bats – half the church is open to the sky and the side has had the roof renovated and some beams replaced.


Spent the remainder of the evening sitting on the decking outside the ‘van, listening to the sea and Wols (owls) and drinking rum and cocoa – blissful!!


Sunday 3rd June – Our Anniversary!


4 tea

1 coffee

1 beer bottle 250ml

2 glasses cava

Corned beef, cheese, tomato and salad sandwich

Packet of crisps

Several choc digestives

Fish w/ peas and potatoes

6 mile hike


Although I woke up at 7am, we ended up sleeping till Midday as Mike was up till 4am finishing the book I had guilt-tripped him about reading and being anti-social the night before.


Made corned beef, cheese and tomato and salad sandwiches for a picnic plus 2 bottles of beer and walked 3 miles to St Anchorite’s Rock along the SW coast path.


 It was hard going at times – lots of steep ups and downs – but we got there, meeting DH Lawrence along the way (a BBC guy filming an actor leaning on gates and pointing with sticks) .


Along the way we stopped at Beacon Hill – which was Queen Victoria’s favourite picnic spot for a beer.  Got back about 6ish, had fish for tea and watched Neverending Story 2 on videotape in the evening as it was a bit rainy.


Monday 4th June


4 tea

1 coffee

Half a beer

2 glasses red wine

2 sausage, 1 egg, 1 lamb burger, 3 pcs toast

Pate sandwich

1 ice cream

Pasta w/ mince, courgette, tomato, pepper, mushroom and onion

4 butterscotch choc digestives


Woke up at ten am to glorious sunshine after an awful lot of rain the night before and all night.  Made a cup of tea and managed to rouse Mike about 11:30 following which we had a very tasty fryup for breakfast – the sausages were from the Well Hung Meat Company!


Got in the car about 1:30 and drove to Bigbury-On-The-Sea – where we went to Burgh Island and the beach – golden sands stretching as far as you can see – and the tide was out so we walked across to the island (famous for an Agatha Christie novel or two) to have a beer in The Pilchard Inn.  We walked up to the folly at the top and parked down at the bottom was the Sea Tractor which carries people across at high tide.  I also had to help a little girl on the beach who had lost her parents and was pulling a two person boat from the sea to where their stuff was on her own…and had a very tasty Langage ice-cream, took some more photos and then drove home.


In the evening I cooked a pasta throw-together and we went down to the church again to take some ‘ghost’ photos – 30 sec exposures with me stood in the middle for about 15 secs… Came out rather well!

Tuesday 5th June


4 tea

2 pcs toast

1 coffee

1 pint beer

1 bottle beer

1 litre water

Haddock fillet in batter w/ chips and mushy peas

2 chicken drumsticks

Cheese burger in bread

2 sausages in bread
10 Mile Hike


Woke up about ten – again beautifully sunny and warmer than yesterday!  Had coffee and toast and sat on the decking for a bit, then took a 5 mile walk to Noss Mayo following the SW Coastal path – rocky coves to our left and fields of wheat and sheep and cows to the right – lots of bunnies!


Had a fantastic meal in The Ship Inn, then ‘slightly waded’ across the low tide walkways and a bit of mud across the creek to Newton Ferrers to the local shops – the chemist is run by a Mr Tubbs…


 Bought some cropped trousers with zip pockets on the sides and a ships bell and tobacco in the Post Office, then had a half in The Dolphin and pretty much waded back across the walkway as the tide was coming back up the river rather fast – it was almost ankle-deep in the middle and by the time we got back to the Noss Mayo side it was almost completely submerged.


Walked back along the coast path – stopping to pat an orange kitty, and then later, a friendly stallion who was on the path – didn’t pat the bullocks that we had to walk through, though Mike took a photo of them doing unnatural things earlier in the day…  Saw lots of bunnies but they are evading Mike’s camera. Got back about 7:30, ate lots of meat which we barbecued outside the ‘van, and listened to the radio before going to bed at 11:30 completely knackered!!


Wednesday 6th June


4 tea

2 coffee

Half a beer

3 glasses rose wine

2 pcs toast

Slice chicken and leek pie

Ham sandwich

Chicken pie, chips and peas


Got up at ten again – sunny and bright but not quite as warm as yesterday.  Around Midday we went to Modbury in the car.


Had a half in a charming little 14th c pub called The Exeter Arms – with 2 hysterical 16th c style oil paintings on the wall… They’d been done for a play up in Gloucester – one woman posed like Queen Liz in a green dress, another in red but both with hysterically funny Gary Larson-esque expressions on their faces… 


Bought  a hat in a charity shop full of very lovely things – and a carrier bag for 5p.


Modbury is the village in the UK to ban carrier bags – the one I bought was 100% biodegradable and felt sort of like latex or a surgical glove or something…


Looked in all the shops – including an antique and handcrafted wood furniture shop in an old and mostly unchanged Methodist hall – still with balcony and pulpit.  Went up to the church – beautiful William Morris stained glass windows – sat in the graveyard and ate a slice of chicken/leek pie.


Shopped in Plymco with a cloth bag, then came home and had rose wine and pie for tea.  Another perfect day! We want to buy a caravan and live in it!!


Thursday 7th June


4 tea

1 coffee

1 250ml fruit juice

300ml water

2 glasses mead

4 pcs toast

Egg, 2 sausages, 2 bacon

Fish in batter w. chips and peas

1 cocoa w/ rum in!


Got up at ten again (looks to be a theme…) – bit windy, but sunny.


Had a fried breakfast about 12 – this is really going to spoil the ‘diet’…then went for a walk through the woods and across Stoke Downs by all the rocks on the coast to Stoke Point.  Lots of pink thrift, bright blue sea and big waves crashing over the rocks.


Came back about 3pm and sat on the decking till 4 – at which point Mike reminded me that I had forgotten to put suntan lotion on today!!



Had a shower in the evening and doused myself with aftersun, nivea cream – any moisturiser I could get my hands on…


Watched The Dark Crystal on videotape and tried not to bump anything…




Friday 8th June  Coming Home


Bacon and eggs, toast

2 tea

1 coffee,

Ham salad roll

Half pint of non-alcoholic lemon beer

3 pints Carlsberg

2 double gin and tonic


Had bacon and eggs at 11am.  Mike got a photo of the elusive buzzard and  the parental units arrived at about 2pm and stayed till 3:30.  We had a picnic lunch and a lemon beer, then we packed up and drove home about 4pm so we could see the kitties…


Kitties were fine, so we went to the pub – oops as I had intended doing some rehearsal for my Miss Von Trapp cabaret act for Saturday…  Met Steve, Al and Ellie and so began the drinking of too much beer. Got home about 11pm and Mike cooked a curry.

I shall pay for it tomorrow!!






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