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Entertaining astrology thingy...

I put my actual name in rather than 'VampGirl'...but have edited it for posting ;-)

A very special Gemini

VampGirl is as bright as a button and as sharp as a blade. If there's ever anything you need to know, VampGirl is the person to ask. Chances are she will know the answer already. If not she will go and ask someone else and she will keep asking until she gets an answer. VampGirl simply cannot stand the idea of a question that has no answer, so if she cannot get a satisfactory explanation she will invent one. A good one. She is after all as bright as a button. There are though, some questions in life which are best left unanswered. The rest of us know to leave them alone. VampGirl cannot resist the urge to explore them. She is drawn to such questions, like, well, like a button to a button hole! VampGirl answers these questions cleverly because, after all as sharp as a blade, but then you know what they say about people who are too sharp...

VampGirl can be very cutting sometimes. She doesn't mean to be. She just can't help it. VampGirl can't stop herself from daring to say what other people hardly dare to think. This is why VampGirl often gets himself into trouble but it is also why VampGirl is such an interesting person to know.

Life with VampGirl is never dull. There's always an adventure, a challenge or a deal to be done. VampGirl loves to do deals. The word 'no' is not in her vocabulary. When she hears it VampGirl is immediately tempted to reply "Is that 'no' as in 'maybe', 'no' as in 'I need to be persuaded,' or 'no as in 'not quite yet?' Luckily VampGirl gets clean away with this kind of attitude. VampGirl, at least when it comes to the unanswerable question, is living proof of the old adage "Who dares...wins".

Oh dear...

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