Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Le weekend - some showers, moderate to good. Visibility poor.

Saturday, I felt a bit crap and run down so did almost nothing all day except go out for a street map of Devon which may come in useful one day...

Mostly listened to Radio 4, and then Keith Collins and Carolyn came round so we discussed cameras, The Art Box venue/performance bus they have which will be officially 'launched' on the 9th June - incidentally my birthday - and I will be doing a short 15 min stint with my Miss Von Trapp music and performance poetry material.

Sunday (12.0.8) was another wet and rainy yucky day - sent Mike out in the afternoon as I had to practice the 3 jigs that I had left to record for The Three Trees...  Got it done eventually and went for a plucked bassline on the cello rather than using the bow.

Mike went out to St Germans with Alison, Steve and Ellie in the evening to do Morris Dancing, and NIgel came round to record what I'd got.  All sounds excellent and the project is nearly finished - coming to a myspace near you soon...

Monday - today (11.13.0) - I'm at work.  Pondering the contents of my handbag:

Bottle of Anna Sui 'Dolly Girl'
Walt Whitman selected works
Angela Carter: The Bloody Chamber
Pork and stuffing baguette
2 cartons orange juice
Bizarre magazine
Blueberry muffin
Packet of Nurofen Cold n Flu
Black eyeliner
Notebook of my random poetry

Ambre Solaire Factor 30 Face Protector cream
Large sunglasses
Keys with Teddy attached
A rather attractive 'vintage' look tin of Farrah's original Harrogate toffee
... and an art deco sliding tin of breathmints!

Go me! How I fit it all in there I've no idea...

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