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Out of gas, and nobody mourns a fish!

Back in April, the 26th to be precise, we had a MAJOR gas leak.

The people upstairs rang the gas board as they could smell gas - we didn't know because we always have the back door wide open for the kitties to go in and out, and our kitchen is really a corridoor to the open plan living room.

The gas men came, they saw, they cut us off...  And we've had no working cooker since then. 

Added to this, we had to go out and buy an electric kettle as the immersion heater doesn't work - so we had no hot water, and the one we use to make tea is just an old 'on the hob' job...

We've been mostly enjoying crappy disposable barbecues, ready meals and takeaways - and my dieting has gone out the window and up 2 pounds. Bugger!

Eventually, we had a new cooker delivered last Wednesday (the 2nd), and the man is coming tommorrow (the 10th) to fit it, and fix all the other issues we have in the flat...

so the list is as follows:  

1. Fit the new cooker
2. Fix the immersion heater, which gave up giving hot water ages ago
3. Fix the singing pipes every time we run the hot tap
4. Fix the constantly whooshing water fill noise in the toilet (something wrong with the pump)

One day, one day... Our flat will be normal again...

In Other News:

Bank Holiday weekend was a bit of a busy one...

Friday night was takeaway pizza night.

Saturday, we helped Rosie move flats, and then had Chinese takeaway in the evening.

Sunday, Mike was playing drums in both church services, so we got picked up by dad (plays the organ in the morning), and then went to the parent's for a sandwich and a trip to the caravan in the afternoon.  Had a nice cliff walk, and ate lemon cake, then got dropped off at church in the evening.

I sang in the band, and ate a couple of pieces of ginger cake, then went round to the vicars house to eat birthday cake...  I ate a lot of cake.

Monday - we had planned to go to Kingsand/Cawsand and follow Morris men round the town, but it was pissing down with rain and rather yucky indeed.  Instead, we began the day with a Goodbody's fry up breakfast, then went to the National Marine Aquarium to look at fishies - coral reef fishies, turtle, seahorses, sharks and more...  Mike took lots of photos. 

When we were done looking at swimmy things, we went from the Aquarium across to The Dolphin for a half of beer, and in that short 20 mins of time I managed to get sunburnt on my 'chest area' and a spot of heatstroke.  Typical!

By the time we got home, we had an appetite for fishy pie, which duly went in the microwave and was consumed whilst watching 'Hardware' - which you can't seem to get on DVD, but we have an old videotape...

All in all, a most excellent day!

Back at work now,  it's still raining... but I've got a nice tin of lentil soup and a bread roll, so hey! I'm happy!!


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