Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Spooky!! The children are revolting...

My sister Helen came over on Tuesday and told me that the house we used to live in and parents moved out of last August has started getting physical ghost activity!!

We moved in when I was 13, my middle sis was 11/12 and Helen was 4 - and the house used to be a childrens home during the war.  We always felt comfortable there, but never felt alone when we were the only one in the house and could hear footsteps upstairs and random creakings.  The back room always felt cold, but we weren't bothered because we sort of knew that it was 'something else' that we were okay with and we never felt anything threatening in any way - except for a bit of the landing between the bathroom and the top landing that we always ran or jumped up as kids as it was a bit 'uncomfortable'.

The new couple, however, have no kids - and when my sis and dad went back last week to collect a shed, the woman told Helen what had been going on...  Apparently, the woman was in the backroom - which they are renovating - and felt a hand on her shoulder which then pushed her to the ground!

Also, a friend of hers was staying in the house a couple of weeks back and felt something slap her hard on the back in the downstairs passageway on the way to the kitchen one night!!

My mate Rich reckons the ghosts are children who are angry that there aren't any kids in the house anymore and they are trying to reach out physically to the adults in the house now.  They are trying to get attention in a childish tantrum way...

What's more odd is that Mum felt a hand on her shoulder and sort of felt that whatever it was was waving goodbye when she was alone at home on the night before both mum and dad moved out to their new house!!


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