Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Two Firsts.

Last Saturday, Mike and I had a couple of Firsts!!

We went out for the afternoon - up to the Moors to take photos and be in the middle of nowhere - but we ended up in the middle of nowhere quite literally, as, after we had been up a tor down a tor and sat at Postbridge looking at the Clapper Bridge, I decided we'd continue along the road and go to Ashburton.

If we'd had the book of the road that normally lives in the car, I wouldn't have made such a mistake at that point - but I only had my Dartmoor Ordnance Survey, and subsequently - after driving round Moretonhampstead a few times - I picked the VERY WRONG ROAD and we ended up lost in the middle of nowhere on a very scary windy bit of road with sharp corners and a  massive drop on the left hand side.

Eventually, we turned round and went back to Postbridge - following which I spotted the road we *should* have been on.

First no1: Mike and I having a 'you stupid woman why did I rely on you for directions' married argument.

Went to Sheepstor and climbed all the way up to the top - no human sound - just sheep, cows, birds and air - fantastic!

And when we both felt better we went for a swift pint at the Royal Oak in Meavy,  after which we had our second 'First'...

I fancied shopping in Tesco Roborough to get food to go home with (it was about 8:30pm).

Trolley dashed round a closing Supermarket Superstore and looked at clothes, cheap bottles of red wine and random food things - emmenthal, pate, polish sourdough bread etc...

There you go:

First No2: Mike and I doing our first Supermarket Superstore Trolley Shop.

We always shop local at the butchers and the veg shop y'see...

Sunday, MIke went Morris Dancing in Dawlish and I stayed at home playing cello and recording more of the Three Trees project in the evening.

A very good weekend.

Ho hum - I am back in work and my lunch break is about to end.



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