Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

New Ceiling 8am


4 tea
1 glass orange juice
homity pie and mini roast potatoes
piece of peppers, cheese and chilli topped ciabatta

Spent all evening re-reading Emile Zola : Therese Raquin.  Oops! Was glued to a book for approx 5 hours!!

As you may have guessed by the above, I got out of work at 5:10pm.

I went home and spent about an hour hoovering up plaster dust and that vermiculitey stuff that had been trodden through the backroom, hallway, bathroom and kitchen.  We do, however, now have a nice new ceiling and the plaster is slowly drying out overhead.

What needs to be done now is painting it when dry and putting the light fitting back in as it's completely dark in there.

I also spent some considerable time scrubbing the back yard with disinfectant cleaner and lots of water. I had to use a really stiff broom!!  

The backyard had gone completely snow white with walked-through plaster etc.

Went shopping at 8:30 and bought some tasty things - apple pie, strawberries, melon, fancy ciabatta and posh kitty food.

Intended to do laundry but didn't and forgot to buy custard or cream for the apple pie.

Set fire to the inside of the oven as a tray had fallen into the gas jet at the back and I didn't see it when the ciabatta went in.
Spent half an hour with all doors and windows open...

Then sat down for at least five hours and read the aforementioned book from cover to cover!!

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