February 4th, 2017


Bother. It's already February. Apologies for the hiatus.

I haven't posted since August last year. I have missed the traditional end of year summary on account of being ill for 3 weeks with the Queen's Cough and I have been generally rubbish at the Blogosphere.

Sorry. There has been a lack of communication for several reasons. One of them being I have mostly been rubbish with online schtuf. 2016 wasnt the best year for many people and it kindof hit me too. It wasn't the worst year though and I kept up with Facebook but not with blogging.

Additionally I was busy with gigs and werk and parenting plus learning how to manage chronic pain and fatigue...

SO I've reduced the amount I am gigging to once a month and only more if I can manage it.

This doesn't mean Miss Von Trapp is in decline, although I have turned 42 so clearly the end is nigh and I haven't yet discovered the meaning of life either...

...but it means that I am becoming LIMITED EDITION.

When you do see me I will be more firecracker and less frazzled hausfrau. More of a personality figure for hosting and stuff as well as the musical dark comedy. That's the plan.

My candle burns at both ends and all that. You know the Millay quote and, if not, Google it.

Either way, expect to see me busy in 2017... but pacing myself!! Beginning on the 18th February at The Brewhouse in Taunton which I'm very much looking forward to.

Please check http://www.missvontrapp.com for gig dates.

Happy New Year!!

Btw, my favourite pictures from last year are below playing as The Wattinger Trapp. An awesome collaboration for Yule and I got my bass guitar out too!!