May 6th, 2015


Miss Von Trapp does London TWICE with Plymouth inbetween...

Yes! Two weekends inna row!!

Electrowerkz London - Whitleigh Plymouth - Crouch End London again!! And with werk inbetween... AND I am still alive.

Stupendous. The Friday before last I played at the Annual Einsturzende Neubaten Party at Electrowerkz.  I got the train from home at 10.44am, was in Lahndan at 2pm and onstage somewhere around midnight. It was hella busy on account of the Marathon. And so was I...

Had a sound check around teatime and met N.U Unruh from the band Einsturzende Neubaten who was absolutely lovely and sorted my sound and lighting plus was the perfect host with rider and everything. After other awesome acts doing a song each (Roi. M. Cabaret and Mauricio were brilliant) I played and sang my own cello interpretations of 'The Garden', 'Wuste' with Vera accompanying me on my daughter's rainstick and contrapuntal english/german spoken word... and then 'How Did I Die?'. Vera joined me on the end of that one with a clunky tin saucepan percussion.  It went down very incredibly well. Super happy me. Though now I can sing in german I really must learn it as a language...

And then I joined my friends Vera and Nick as the headline band straight after who couldn't decide on a name. Code Plain I think we ended up as... performing 12305te Nacht, Silence is Sexy (in which I clowned annoyance with a newspaper) and Was Ist Ist.

It was lots of fun and went fantastically well and at 5.30am we finally left the dressing room and I found my way across London on the night bus to Paddington without having slept for a 7am train.

But I forgot to take any photos myself.  So those below are me on the train, the T-shirt N.U kindly gave me as a gift and my pre-show selfie.

I got home at midday and slept for an hour and a half then went to perform at Whitleigh Green for a St Georges Day event. Family friendly ish for half an hour. More fun even though it was raining. A lot!!

And so a week went by when I was back at werk and also rehearsing like crazy for a 45 minute set at Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre on the next (last) Saturday.

I left in the rain with The Wattingers at 10am and arrived in Crouch End in the sun at 3pm. How The Wattingers managed to NOT kill me all weekend I have no idea as my conversation topics are often very strange... For example: do you rot in space?

We found our way to the B&B and then to the venue... Hornsey Town Hall is a beautiful, if somewhat dilapidated and being done up, piece of 1920s architecture that gets used by the BBC a lot due to everything inside and out being original. You will have seen it on Whitechapel for starters.  And the room we were in was no exception. Kitted out with cabaret seating, a bar, stage and chandeliers... and the lovely blue tiles on the pillars matched my hair. It was stunning.

The people there were all mahvellous. It was clear how passionate they are about getting the building in use and how much they loved us as performers. Even the biggest heckler in London banned by Jimmy Carr (so he says) saved ALL my GIFT words as I threw them and was a fantastic member of the audience and greatly encouraging - one of us was a bad influence on the other and am not sure which but was a whole lot of fun. I have a number one London fan now hehe...

Sharon, our host, was welcoming and lovely,  and I met so many enthusiastic people and had so much great conversation that I cannot wait to be back in June... but I digress. Good at that.

My 45 minutes set was very well received going from my dark versions of early music hall and grave folk through to my cabaret rewrites and I even had an encore - so I played Murder/Fever. Always risky with the Myra Hindley verse but I got away with it.  And then I had a gin and tonic. And a couple of beers. Or three. And enjoyed The Wattingers set, which is always great fun. And joined them onstage with the cello for a song at the end of the show.

Following which there was a mahvellous steampunk dj set from Raliel and then it was midnight suddenly. And then for some reason I found myself wandering Crouch End with Martin Wattinger and Ren in search of chicken.  As you do. Then the women in the police station next door kept me awake in the early hours screaming like a girls hockey team and blowing their whistles at the 5am boxing match.

And then suddenly it was breakfast time. And we filled up on toast, eggs and too much coffee and journeyed home. Nice steady drive thanks to stalwart Martin Wattinger. Lovely clouds and then the rain set in just past Bristol.

I am going back to London very very soon. I feel like a proper Londoner now. I have an Oyster card and everything and a superbly welcoming audience. But first,  a local church gig, Volksfest,  and a road trip to Morecambe.

See you on June 13th!! And thankyou for having me you capital dwellers of the Capital :Dxxx