December 31st, 2013


Happy New Year!! (before I start on the gin and forget everything)

Is it gin'o'clock yet?


Happy New Year to everyone and much love and thanks for your supports in 2013!


It has truly been an Annus Mahvellous...




In the past year I have released a new album entitled 'Songs To Die For' available at,wrote an article in two parts for  This Is Cabaret and performed at so many shows and festivals...


They were all Mahvellous but my highlights were being in not one, but TWO Steampunk Extravaganzas with Professor Elemental, the Christmas Yule show featured a duet of 'Fairytale of CSI New York' which can be found on my youtube (, an avant-garde fashion show, an afternoon tea, Volksfest 2013, a 4 night theatre run with Exeter Alternative Theatre with performances from Lilly Laudanum, Velma Von Bon Bon, Sandy Sure and myself, and an evening at Wookey Hole - where thankfully I didn't move in as resident witch. Was a close call though...


You can find past gig dates and forthcoming shows on


Next year you can expect to see me at various venues around the South West including Brass Brunel: Bristol's first Steampunk Festival and further afield at Alt-Fest 2014, Kettering, in the Steampunk Zone. Perhaps another duet with Professor Elemental is on the cards...


And the year begins for me on 15th February at Club Rainbow, Torquay for "Till Death Us Do Part"; expect to hear my anti-valentine classics and some truly Tragic Moments ;D


So excited!!!


Love you all...


Miss Von Trapp xxxx


"If Sweeney Todd was a cellist instead of a barber he may have sounded like Miss Von Trapp!" - This Is Cabaret Halloween Twitter (October 31st, 2013)


"A phenomenally dark, twisted, inspired and brilliant performance. We loved every minute of it, thank you!" - Exeter Alternative Theatre Review of Live Show at Exeter Phoenix Steampunk Spectacular. (May 17th, 2013)


"Dark, Satirical, Brilliant" - The Elegant Savages 'Songs To Die For' Review. (April 23rd, 2013)