September 10th, 2013


RAISING STEAM CANCELLED... But I have more gigs to announce.

Hugely disappointed to announce that Raising Steam on 21st September has been cancelled due to low ticket sales.

" It is with considerable regret that I am going to have to cancel this event.  After 6 months of effort and all the bands talking it up, sales to date have been .. 10 weekend tickets and 4 Sunday-only tickets.  Thank you to those who have had enough faith in the event to purchase a ticket, I will start processing the refunds in the next day or two.  Thank you also to ALL the bands, my support crew, Jane and Rob the MCs and the radio station for getting behind it and doing all that you did. It would have been great, but it seems the universe couldn't handle this much awesomeness ... "

It was a charity event so was unable to cover costs and still act as a fundraiser for New Futures Nepal as well if it went ahead. Steven C Davis put in so much work and we have promoted the arse out of it but so soon after ASYLUM perhaps people were out of pocket.

If anyone would still like to donate to the charity directly, here is the link:

This is a real shame as not only will I not get a fun mum's weekend away from hauswerk and childcare, I will not be able to catch up with and play with all those amazing 10 other steampunk bands that I was really looking forward to and meet most mahvellous peoples and play for you.

And I won't be able to meet Lord Montague Jacques Fromage of SteampunkFunkBizarre either. AGAIN!! Ships passing once again my dear...  THWARTED!!:(

On a positive note I need to rest my neck injury still and will go to the Punks Picnic instead.  Which I would rather have liked to play at but didn't arrange because it clashed.

See you there perhaps and my next gig outing is Dolly Delight's Jeepers Peepers at Voodoo Lounge on 3rd October.

And I have a play script to read and some improv to work on for a 4 night production at the end of October which is exciting.  Entitled SIDESHOW it is a production by Exeter Alternative Theatre including performances from myself, Sandy Sure, Velma Von Bon Bon and Lilly Laudanum along a decaying circus theme for Halloween.

EVER SO EXCITED and will share posters and links as soon as I have them.

This is the one for October 3rd:

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Newspaper review of my most recent gig...

Realised I failed to blog the most mahvellous review of my most recent gig at the B-Bar, Barbican Theatre Plymouth, during which I played my Murder Lounge and performance poetry set of Blood and Marriage, Tragic Moments, Roses Are Red, As I Do Time and Say it with Flowers...


"Miss Von Trapp took to the stage made up like Aunt Sally with her cello and theatrical weirdness; she's certainly and acquired taste but unique and highly entertaining in an alternative theatre kind of way. You can't help but love her!


A mixture of live music and comedy this was raw entertainment at its best."


Look mum! I'm in the local paper!! (people have been telling me this since it came out - I knew. I was there!)