December 31st, 2012


It's Nearly The New Year. Will probably already be 2013 by the time you read this.

It is nearly New Year and so much has happened this year that's been so flipping fantastic fun that I'm struggling to pick highlights. Everything has been practically perfect in every way.


So I will probably do a roundup sort of post after New Year.  When I have had time to think about it. And you can read last years giglist on to see what I did or scroll back through this blog lol


There is a lot in the offing for 2013. Not least the completion of the first proper printed and pressed studio album: Songs To Die For.  Morbid Ditties (2006) is still available by request but does not include much recently performed material obviously. Apart from The Worm Song and Stabcurdle Jack. And more exciting gigs and new songs to be doing too.


 In other news I have those revolutions to think of by the end of today. I achieved all last years so I will have to think of something more of a challenge. Like not swigging Benylin or something...


Oh, and my cover of the Lady in The Radiator song has wound up on a blog. Sixth one down on here lol


 And I've been in a facebook poll competition for The Weirdest Band in The World website. Google it. It's been mental. Results of which I shall post when I know them.




Otherwise, I'd like to thank EVERYONE for your tremendous support. Let's make 2013 amazing xxx
Eat chocolate, drink gin and be scary. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!