May 2nd, 2012


May Day! May Day! The biggest camera I've ever seen!

May Day. And I was in the studio at the art college in front of this:

It's the biggest camera I've ever seen, or been in front of, and entirely hand made by Tim Pearse and Martin... He's been taking lots of pics of burlesque performers with it and you can find the project link here:

This is the image that was taken of me and I LOVE it. If I'd remembered it was negative I'd have held the cello on the opposite side to normal and showed off my tattoo as well lol, but I was going for a victorian vaudeville postcard look and I certainly achieved that!!

What an amazing photo!! And here's another one from the last show taken by Michael J Cole. Thanks xx

Next show is 24th May at Black Jacks. Ladies Night. 8pm. Hosted by Laydees, for everyone...

See you there for half an hour of horror!!