December 30th, 2011


A pre-emptive strike at the HAPPY NEW YEAR message!!

2011. What a year!

For many it's been difficult, with the recession and jobs and schtuf, but we've actually had a fantastic year mostly. It seems when timesisard we really seem to land on our feet rather than our arses.

It got off to a turbulent start, husband finishing a job in March and all of us having to move house in April  as our landlady went into a home and her children got power of attorney and decided to sell...
Stressful, very. But our friends and family rallied round and helped us out, so we moved. Did a lot of throwing out and it took a while to get things in order, but we did it.  Hurrah!  Our current house is a little damp in places and overloaded with instruments and schtuf, but it's a happy house, and a lucky one too.

This year has seen the rebirth of Miss Von Trapp with at least one gig every month since April, husband gigging with new bands (and depping for the regulars), and the Woo starting pre-school for the first time, having a childminder, lots and lots of activity for all of us.

And the night before New Year's Eve I am writing this because I have some quiet and I don't expect to have time to do it tomorrow... I'm not going to highlight every month's activity as there were too many gigs to mention for both of us, so this is just the top of the list for the other things that happened.

My wickle sister got married in June, the day before our anniversary, and we had a mahvellous time (her new gig stage name is Lena Smith. She'd want you to google that as she's very keen on promoting at the moment)  and the following week a birthday holiday at the caravan. Which was lovely. And we hardly needed to buy any food because of the amount of stuff we had from the wedding stay in Lantallack. Beautiful place if you ever get to visit.

July I had my first tattoo and wisdom teeth out under general anaesthetic so now I am officially stupider.

August, husband got a new job and has been literally bringing home the bacon since...

September, Woo started pre-school and I set up hosting 'Let Them Eat Cake' afternoon tea parties at Kitty's studio.

October was a busy month with Halloween and whatnot and recording with Martin for his Brickbat album - a cello part for the last track,  and ended the month with a Halloween Tea Party where much gingerbread was decorated as skeletons (and much gingerbread and cake was consumed).

November again, busy busy busy. Woo's third birthday (amongst other things) was the main highlight. The cake turned out nicely. Food was eaten. Children and adults entertained. Much mess was made.

And December. Here we are at the end of it, after Woos first Nativity performances with Sunday School and Pre-school. And lots of presents and eating and merriment.  I have a ukulele and a children's accordion to add to my Miss Von Trapp repertoire. There's talk of forming a three-piece, and I've been so busy gigging and working and working and gigging I've not had much time for sleep between each.

Actually I get home from most gigs and into bed by 1am and am up for work at 5am with barely time to scrub off the schlap..

And tomorrow night is New Years Eve. And I'm working from 6am so I'll probably be asleep on the sofa by 11pm. Does Clive James still do the tv thing? And who's on the Hootenanny? I'll probably catch the repeat.

We've had a year of riots, dead dictators, occupying protesters and the usual capitalist crap you expect from a Tory government... So I'm supposed to be saying 'oh that was a rotten year', but in actual fact...

I'm saying it was a good year. It was a fantastic year.

It's been a riot.

Love you all fiends.



Image copyright Nass Nasko. Taken at Foxy and Fanny's Hootenanny 22 Dec 2011
Image (c) Nass Nasko. Taken at Foxy and Fanny's Hootenanny 22.11.11.