December 13th, 2011


Nightmare before Christmas...

Well, The Odd Ball was a demned fine gig, and the first public airing of Bad King Wenceslas went down treemendously well. The vocals were much better than the recording I did earlier actually, and had a lot more character in them. Buggrit. Will record proper in the new year as I am putting together material for a new album anyway.

In other news,

The TREE IS UP!! It's black (obviously) with purple and silver baubles and tinsel and does look rahther good. And it's almost time to be watching The Nightmare Before Christmas again. I asked the woo if she wanted to watch it this afternoon and got a 'no, mummy' and a 'want to cutterate the tree with marbles'. (decorate the tree with baubles). So I didn't bother. And this evening I have mostly been eating sellotape.

Note to self: Use scissors to cut tape. Not teeth.

I am almost done with present shopping, and must resist the urge to buy extra things for myself. Oops. But at least the tree is up. That's the main thing.

And Woo and I have caught up this evening on the advent calendar. Mummy was crap and only got it out of the cupboard today... but it did mean we had 13 days of chocolate doors to catch up on.

There you have it. More news later when I have found some other nonsense to witter about :)

Goodnight Fiends xx