May 7th, 2011


Oh help I have a gig tomorrow!

Miss Von Trapp has been revived. Its been long enough - three years in fact as the last gig before Hazel was an anti-Valentine set after which I got pregnant - but I performed at Twirls of the Unexpected in Voodoo Lounge a couple of months ago and its that time again tomorrow.

I know exactly what material I am doing, so now its just a case of cello practice and timing this evening. Argh! It's going to be fun. Promise, and I'm on for two sets so am doing a mix of song and performance poetry as well as a prose-poem.

In other news, we have moved house as our previous landlord sold the house we were renting while we were still there, and still had the nerve to withhold 330 quid out of our deposit for cleaning which I'd done already. We are filing an official dispute to get our money back.

Hazel is now two and a half and doesn't stop talking, running, jumping and climbing and managed to fall off a ride in the park yesterday. She had a sticker and an ice cream and forgot about it fairly quickly thankfully.

At home, we have been making bookshelves and culling random stuff and books post-move. In the words of British Rail, its getting there. And Mike's trains are now in the loft and study so I have reclaimed the sideboard.

Am also growing veg, so outside has potatoes, strawberries, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes growing away in pots.

Hey Ho. I am being antisocial at work on my lunchbreak as I've found the lj app for my smartphone so i'd best go and talk to people.

See you in voodoo lounge tomorrow, 8pm? ;)

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Twirls of the Unexpected, Voodoo Lounge, 8pm Sunday 8th May.

Thats right guys and dolls, expect the unexpected!

Tomorrow night! Tickets on sale until 4pm tomorrow here or available on the doors, open at 7.30pm

Come see Pole dancing pirates, Miss Von Trapp and her kooky vocals, Mrs LaRues underskirts of magic, Kitty Kane is radioactive, and all hosted by the unpredictable Foxy!

To top is all off we have QUEEN OF TARTS, a bizzare games show where you paint the roses red and croquet Flamingo wars! Twirls of the unexpected, every audience member can get involved! All you need is a tale of the unexpected upon arrival! Plus more craziness!

Be in for the chance to win tickets to the Plymouth Tattoo Convention and free burlesque lessons.
So come along, join in with the craziness! Come watch, come holla and have one hell of a party!

See you there
Kitty's Dolls Burlesque