December 9th, 2010


The Students are Revolting

Violence doesn't solve anything. It just makes it worse and people less sympathetic. We're all struggling, students AND families - it's what you get for a capitalist tory govt should you remember the 80's - but if I went out and behaved like that what sort of example would I be setting to Hazel?


I saw that a Policeman was pulled from his horse and trampled in an atttempt to knock him unconscious and had to be carried off with leg injuries. That is unnacceptable. We are all affected by the government cuts. It's not just you students that are struggling. I have a family I cannot afford to feed. I am not entitled to any benefits to supplement my low income because I am married - so we are living below breadline and hugely in debt. I couldn't afford to do a degree, but neither can I afford to put food on the table and can barely cover the rent as I am not entitled to council housing either. This is what you get for voting in the Tories. And violent protest won't change anything.

What must that poor copper's family be going through now? If he has children, what kind of example are they being set by other young people today??

I also read that the Police were riding their horses at children...

The students that are protesting are not kids. They're young adults. They're old enough to vote so you can't brand them as kids at all. My daughter is two years old - that's a 'kid'.

If there were 'kids' out there, they are too young to be out there protesting and their parents should have taken more responsibility for them and made sure they knew where they were.

Pre-sixth form secondary school are not children. Anyone in their teenage years are not children either. They are young adults in my books. I was not a child at sixteen years old when I got into trouble at school for setting light to the Union Flag in the staff car park!

I worry about the kind of education that Hazel is going to have, but sending her out into a rioting mob to protest about it is not going to solve anything. It's just going to put her so physically at risk that she may not be around to get an education long term anyhow!

And, no, it's not remotely acceptable to be riding horses into people but it is a police-trained dispersal tactic so they are trained to stop when necessary... but neither is it acceptable for the protestors to be throwing fireworks at people or animals, or to drag people off horses and attempt to stamp them into bits. That kind of behaviour is barbaric and uncivilised in any instance.

Violence doesn't solve a thing. It didn't in the 80s and it won't now. They'll just start invoking the criminal justice act and arrest peaceful protests as well now. They're Tories and that's what you expect from a materialistic, capitalist neo-fascist government.

Peaceful protest is what should be happening - you won't get any respect from being violent - but you will more so from debate and reasoning from the public at least. As a mother, what sort of example am I setting my daughter by going out and tantrumming in the streets?!

What we need to remember here is we are priveliged enough to be afforded any kind of education, and there are countries in this world who don't even have the beginnings of that. Stop being so selfish. There are homeless in Australia due to the floods right now and people living in poverty and oppression the world over - and that's far more worrying.

/rant off lol

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