February 11th, 2009



I am currently reclining on the bed with Hazel dozing in the cot beside me.
Mike is rehearsing Delta Dukes in the living room and has set up drums, pa, amps etc plus has pulled the piano away from the wall so, despite us having a 23ft living room, there is no room for me in there. Besides, earwigging on muso convo is entertaining. Like living with Spinal Tap.
I don't mind exile as i'm needing a rest! I went to new mums this afternoon and to my horror discovered it was a fitness session - thankfully Hazel decided on an early feed then took an hour over it so i had an excuse haha!
In other news, i'm kindof bored with my hair again, and am planning to go into town tomorrow to get a pair of big stompy boots.
Wish me luck - it's always a bitch trying to get what i want in a size 8!
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    Delta Dukes jazz blues rehearsal