November 11th, 2008


Ranting. Pissed off. Miserable. Frustrated.

I'm still waiting.

Have been seeing the community midwife daily and my blood pressure has been okay till day before yesterday. Since then has been 104/86 with some swelling of wrists and ankles so I stayed in bed all day, and today was 130/90 when I went for hospital appointment.

That was a most rubbish experience!!

I had a headache by the time I got seen, then the consultant (some hungarian old vampire-looking bloke) didn't seem to be interested in my notes or anything I had to say. Told me he'd do a sweep and to prepare for it - so he went out and I 'prepared' - then I lay there for 5 mins until the hca I was with had to go and look for him - he was seeing someone else. When he came in he made 2 vague attempts with a glove to 'get up there' as 'twere and couldn't manage. Told me I wasn't relaxing - tho I was relaxed where I was supposed to be. The problem was that the small of my back wouldn't relax and my hips were basically stuck and I was lying there on my back with nearly a 9lb baby resting on my spine. My SPD was really painful and was preventing me from lying flat.

He told me to relax twice and didn't make any attempt to reassure or find out why I couldnt lie flat even tho I'd told him I had SPD he obviously hadn't listened. I got frustrated and said 'give me the bloody glove and I'll do it myself'. Then he left. I was practically in tears when I went down to see the midwives for a CTG scan.

Scan was okay so baby is fine, then I had to go back to see the consultant - who didn't see me, just sent me in with the HCA for her to ring through and book me an induction for next Monday 17th November.

I suppose that means the consultant thought I'd be okay to wait 12 days past my due date with high blood pressure, a nearly 9lb baby in there and SPD SPD(symphisis pubis/pelvic disorder) and I was told he would discuss it with me when I came back from the midwives but I never even saw him.

I rang my community midwife on the way back home to say I'd been told that I was still supposed to see her daily and she told me that the hospital were supposed to have arranged someone else from today as she was no longer my midwife. So tommorrow I'll have to do as she advised and ring the emergency midwife number at the hospital to get them to arrange something pronto.

This sucks. If I ever get pregnant again, I'm going bloody private. I've never been treated so incompetently by a hospital (unless you count all the times they screwed up with my sinus appointments actually...). The midwives have been lovely.. The consultant needs a whole lot of work and the admin seems to have a complete lack of communication. Ho hum.

*sulks off*