September 3rd, 2008


Almost up to date - will post more later this week probably:)

I think I swallowed a bunny without having cooked it first and it's still alive and kicking inside me...
Where have I been and what have I been doing since May?
1. Had my 34th Birthday on the 9th June, and been to see Mary Poppins.
2. Went to a wedding in Hemel Hempstead and got Norovirus (along with 70% of the other guests) - probably from poor food hygiene in the kitchens there.... This was terrible - especially as Mike and I had to get the train back from Hemel to Euston, Euston to Paddington, then Paddington to Plymouth the day after the night before - ie. still rotten ill and no sleep. Yuck! Next wedding I'm going to I'm taking a packed lunch no matter how posh the venue (which was v. posh but must remain nameless)...
3. Had my 20 week scan the day after coming back from the wedding and was relieved to find nothing amiss with Vamp Minor. We both decided we don't want to know the sex till baby is out - but we both tried to look and yet could not see either way. Oops!
4. Mike went away to Bolton and Wigan with Revolution (T-Rex tribute band) for 3 days to play at some convention, and I spent the entire 3 days tidying and cleaning the entire flat - with help for the bedroom (thanks Clara!)... and have since allowed it to become a total mess again following his return. It looked so good for a week *weep*
5. We have started getting baby gear together - still need bath and sling and probably all sorts of essentials we have overlooked - but now have a cot, a moses basket, playmat, bouncer, pram thing, recycleable nappy system and some clothes...
6. I have developed cravings since May for icecream, milkshakes, dairy puddings and sausages - tho not together...
7. Lately I have been feeling like Humpty Dumpty as the baby is all to front - and I think I look like an egg - especially when I sit cross-legged.
8. I have also (naughty!) been using Sun-In to lighten my hair without touching my roots. I bleached the front section by use of a cap thing - and the rest is now going redder and redder lol!!
9. My Sony Ericsson mobile (k850i) died over 3 weeks ago - doesn't like the Orange software methinks and so I've had no camera, internet, picture messaging etc since. Argh! I'm currently using my ancient 10yr old Nokia instead - but having to look up the numbers as the sim card is not matching the names to the numbers when I get calls or texts. Which is extremely frustrating!
10. My maternity leave has been booked - and my last day of work is October 3rd. Yay!
11. I have also recently rediscovered a pirate bag that I forgot I owned - going by internal forensic evidence I last used it in Jan 07 - and then sometime this year bought another pirate bag (slightly inferior and a lot less roomy) withouth realising I already had one. Stupid stupid stupid!!
12. Oh, and two weeks ago I took the secateurs to the plants in my yard - and have hacked to bits where necessary, rearranged pots, glued gargoyles... and it all looks a whole lot better. If only I could get that done inside our flat lol!!
1. I am having mood swings beyond compare. 
2. I am also pondering how I'm going to get through the next 2 and a half months to Bonfire Night (my due date) at the earliest, considering I feel (and look) so big already...
3. On the other hand, I've been extremely grateful that the weather has been rather wet so far - as the few days of heat and bright sunlight that we've had (was it last month?) nearly wiped me out with heat stroke and exhaustion. Far too hot! Like strapping two hot bricks and a hot water bottle to your front and then going out walking on a really hot day.... Yuck!1
Well, that's it to date.
I'd like to say I'll try to update more, but since I still don't have net access and I'm quite crap and erratic at the moment, I can't promise anything....
Hope everyone is well.
Lizzi x