February 15th, 2008


Spike's First Date!

Well, yesterday was an experience!


Fantastic first fifteen minutes of the gig - utterly fantastic - first song went down well as usual with the audience joining in the last line, then heckling my audience was great fun, got lots of laughs at my 'Say it with flowers/Dead ones' poem and applause and more laughter with 'I do Blues' (I went a bit overboard on the crying verse - realistic sobs ahoy!) ... My question to the audience - 'Hands up anyone who's just been dumped?' before I played 'Choices' (which I screwed up a bit - but it was its first airing outside of practising it these last three days so hey!) went down very well for banter purposes - as did the student I picked on who was 'half single' apparently... 


Towards the end of 'choices' the batteries began to run out on my vibrating stick - and I lost reverb. Oops - if I'd read the manual I'd have seen that the batteries I had in only had 2.5 hours of life in them for playing with reverb and I've been playing SPIKE for a good hour and a half a night since Monday. 


Still, turning it off and on again did the trick and although I lost impetus for my  'Jack the Ripper' song (Stabcurdle Jack) I brought it back just before my solo folk song (Unquiet Grave) introduced with the line 'this is a song about a persistent lover who just won't get the message - this one's for YOU' (I pointed)... and got everyone shouting back ARR when I explained it was a 'Trad Arr' - then sang the trad song with the tune I've made up for it and got two rounds (!!) of applause afterwards! Yay! 


This was followed by 'and this is what goes on under the sod - or to the sod if you will' with the Worm Song - which went down reasonably well considering everyone has heard it before and the failing batteries on the cello didn't do justice to the tone the instrument has through the Trace Elliot bass amp I've been using  (last night was thru a Marshall guitar amp then the PA which didn't give the best tonal quality either).


But finishing with a poem about orgasm (Epithemia Nocturna) was theatrical enough (think When Harry Met Sally) and then a new verse in Medication (if you wanna catch a man, better drug him if you can) and I was done. 


All in all a pretty darn good gig - always an event when I'm on lol!


And I've learnt two things - with an electric cello - have back up batteries and the AC adapter I'm going to be buying on Monday - and make sure the height of the spike is right/have a decent chair as the bar stool I was on was just a little too low so intonation was slightly ropey on one of the songs as my posture wasn't fantastic - better still, I'll be taking my own drum stool next time:)

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