November 6th, 2007


The danger of poor communication

My dear husband bet ten pounds that I'd thrash the guys at the pub on Tekken 5.

This has happened due to misinformation and largely, poor communication.

I've never played Tekken 5.

He has assumed that, because I CAN thrash people at Barbarian on the Commodore 64 and Mortal Kombat on the Amiga that I can transfer the same skill over to Tekken. 


I've never played Tekken!!

To be perfectly honest,  I've never really planned moves in any beatemup game I've played - even the ones with real re-enactment weapons.  

On a computer beatemup I tend to wave stick/whap buttons randomly until I hit on effective combinations that work well with a tendency to leap up in the air a lot. 

Raining blows on an opponent from above followed by drop kicks to the nether regions has been my main tactic since the genre began.

Ho hum. Unless I invest and learn the moves on this new game...

I think my husband is about to lose his tenner!!
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