June 29th, 2007



Malkin had her kittens last Friday - there is a large orange tabby, a dark/tortoiseshelly tabby and an all black with white rings round his eyes like a negative panda!

They are SOOO cute -and growing daily.  We weren't expecting them till this weekend coming and I was in bed feeling ill Friday morning when I was woken at 8am by mewing under the bed - I had to get out and take the duvet to die in the living room, while Mike lifted the mattress and the bed base and put mum and her kittens in a box by the bed instead!

They are going to the vet tomorrow for a checkover and flea treatment - how do they get them? They never do otherwise:/ - but are growing up lovely and well.  Can't wait to see their eyes open or do the weaning...

Cassidy is very grumpy and Malkin is keeping her out of the bedroom.

Mum's cat (my old kitten) Chloe died yesterday  at 16 years of age - but she'd done very well so far and in the end had too much kidney trouble to carry on.  Poor thing - I remember her at 6 weeks old.

My surgery is going to be 23rd July.

This is all rather disjointed a post I know - I'm on my lunch break at work and there's a lemon mousse in a pot waiting for me by the comp.

Going to have to go now!!!