June 14th, 2007


Thursday's Child is full of food.


3 tea
1 coffee
Egg. sausage, hash brown. bacon, mushrooms, onion rings, beans, bread
1 machine coffee
Triple pack of sandwiches - tuna/cheese/chicken
some nibbles
half a beer
half pint coke

Went to Goodbodies for breakfast with Mike and therefore rather wobbled my way to work with the promise to myself not to eat an awful lot at tea-time.

So I did.

Also vowed not to eat any nibbles (bhajis, sos rolls, quiche etc) at Acoustic Cafe in the evening.

So I did.


Mike was playing with The Bernies in the evening - very good set - and Martin Dale - sax player from Martin Dale Quintet was also there with another musician.  It was a very good night!

I didn't mean to drink any booze - So I did.

Spot a pattern here? I have no willpower?

On a more entertaining note...

Those of us who crimped hair and sprayed it HOOGE in the 80's should find this entertaining...


*the horror the horror*