June 11th, 2007


My Official Birthday, no matter what the Queen says!

Saturday 9th June

2 tea

2 glasses champagne

2 glasses orange

1 plus bottle red wine

Way too many cheese straws

Small bowl of chilli with 2 slices bread


I am 33!! ARGH!!


Keith Collins was doing the official launch of his Art Box performance truck today down at the Royal William Yard – so I dosed up on painkillers and we went down by 1:30 to get started.


Mike’s band (Ghost and Eye) were on at about 3:30, and I went on as Miss Von Trapp at about 7ish to do my 15 minute set of scaring small children with horrible songs about worms and performance poems etc – doing very unclassical things to my cello…


It was fantastic! My performance went fantastically – I got fantastically drunk afterwards as well… Must have drunk at least a bottle of red wine – and came home about midnightish…


Definitely going to do more cabaret performance with my cello, and have a good few notes of things I did which worked so I can keep them in for next time.


Sunday 10th June

 2 tea

1 coffee

1 pint beer

1 gin and tonic

1 big breakfast


Took 5 hours to get the stage down, and then went for a pint of beer, a gin and tonic and a big fryup in Goodbodies.  Well deserved.


The healthy eating starts again tomorrow.

Monday ie. Today

Back to work! Oh Joy! But at least I'm on Obs all week, which I rather enjoy in a sad statto kind of way:)

12.3.4 (oops! Holiday eating strikes again!)

1 coffee
3 jaffa cakes
2 machine coffee
1 tea
slice of brocolli and mushroom quiche
2 pints lager (no crisps)