March 28th, 2007


The first butterfly of Summer...


3 tea
chicken and mushroom slice
5 large strawberries and a few pieces of chocolate
1 litre water
1 machine coffee
1 mushroom cupasoup
1 pint beer
Doner kebab with salad (token health bit)

I was sat with my husband on the sofa this morning.  We were both looking out of the window when a beautiful big butterfly flew up to it and settled in the corner.

We were both sat there saying to each other 'oh what a pretty flutterbye...' when the cat jumped from nowhere and swiped at it.

This glorious flappity summer-bringer fell with a pathetic flutter to the bottom of the window sill where Cassidy put her paw on it in victory and crunched it into oblivion.

Mike and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry - it was all rather ridiculous.

I am not speaking to Cassidy today.