February 8th, 2007


Let's talk about the weather...

What a disappointment!!

Here I am, black furry ear muffs, black furry gloves, black and white stripy arm warmers, big black wool coat with furry collar...

And what do I get?

Freezing blowy gale of a wind.
Bright sunlight.
Crappy sleet tbat doesn't even settle - poor excuse for an attempt at snow!!

See here: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/sw/plymouth_forecast_weather.html

I WANT SNOW GODAMMIT!! I want to go to the park and roll in it, I want to hurl it at unsuspecting pigeons, I want to stomp ankle deep in the white crunchy stuff and walk dangerously on shiny pavements - I want to go home from work early with a severe weather warning...


In other news, my husband is in bed with flu and ate over half a large chocolate slab cake yesterday. He has a gig with the Blackfoots at The Fresher and Professor, Plymouth (9pm start) on Saturday too.

Still hoping for snow tho!!

Today I ate

3 mugs tea (goats milk)
1 alpen bar
1 machine coffee
1 pack mini pringles
chocolate muffin
3 jaffa cakes
2 machine teas
wholemeal bread sandwich with tuna and salad
4 pieces of toast and jam
1 litre water