February 5th, 2007


Le Weekend

Thursday night I watched Shaun of the Dead for the first time - I had no idea that all the actors from Black Books were in it, and Shaun was actually the guy next door running Goliath Books!!

If I'd known that I'd have watched it a long long time back!!

Friday, got up early and went to bleed on another Royal Mail carpet in Exeter. I'm a casualty actor for the First Aid at Work assessments/courses... Twas fun!!

I ate: 1 coffee
1 mug tea
Beans and Cheese on toast
Pint and a half Guinness
Steak Pie, Potatoes and Carrots
2 Alpen bars

In the evening, Mike had a gig in Kitty O'Hanlons with The Blackfoots - which is where the Guinness was consumed.

Saturday, I went in the MALL for the first time - ARGH!! Only spent half an hour in there on account of too many people - and then went all round town looking for a nice pair of Mary Janes in a size 8 with no success at all.

I ate: 1 alpen bar
1 mug tea
small pastie
half a flapjack
Pint of beer
4 glasses of wine
handful cashew nuts
bag kettle chips
vegetable curry.

Met Mike at 2:30 and we went to the barbican - bought a few old books inc The Hunting of the Snark with illustrations, then went to the pub and wound up at Steve and Alisons till 4 in the morning.

Sunday, got up late and went food shopping. Then to church in the evening where I sang in the band for the first time - which was fun!

I ate: 2 pieces toast
4 mugs tea
pasta bolognese
cheese and salad sandwich.

Monday today. Am at work in Duty Obs all week. My team time has changed to a 1:40 start with a 9:40 finish. They're all on magic break which means they get out at 9:30 but because I'm in Obs I won't. Bugger!!

Ta ta for now and thankyou for the dietary suggestions of the other day:))

Today I ate

2 mugs tea
3 litres water
2 alpen bars
1 pack mini pringles
1 baguette w/ salad, cheese, pickle and chicken
1 bag mini cheddars
1 machine coffee
1 mug tomato soup
Pint and a half beer
2 pieces toast

Am maintaining weight at 12.10 - maybe more exercise? Am already walking approx half an hour (fast pace) a day - downhill to work, uphill all the way back.

I'm definately going to take up vimsters idea of Dance Factory for my Playstation though - imagine the moves you'd get for Rammstein!!!!