November 17th, 2006


Christmas is upon us... (well, near enough to be uncomfortable)

This is the last day today that I am with my team at work - and the last that I am on DutyObs so you guys may not hear from me for a while.

I'm beginning my Christmas Coaching period with another team as of Monday, and this will stretch right through to the New Year. I've finished training up the new DutyObs-ers pretty much, and today I have to run round and sort out all the stuff I'll be doing with the new team - how their stats programmes work and whatnot.

Tommorrow morning I am up early and out at eleven to rehearse my cello with a new folk project - Anna from Blue Angel and a chap called Roger on the guitar - which will be interesting. The other main thing I have to do this weekend is rehearse the Mummers Play we are doing on the 13th Dec at the Plymouth Folk Festival Seasonal Concert. A lot of histrionic shrieking and dying as I am playing Lady Macbeth and I have a frying pan vs rolling pin fight with Queen Elizabeth to do... La ti dah!

Right, I'd better get off.

Lizzi :)