August 4th, 2006



Two things:

1. I have signed up to MySpace but it looks crap and someone already has 'vampgirl' as their personal URL so I won't bother unless you guys can come up with a better name for me...

2. I have decided I like the new shopping centre they are building in Plymouth after all...

Just read there's going to be a LUSH shop in it!!


(I'm so fickle)
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The Mattress Saga

My father is picking me up from work in ten minutes with my sister's old double mattress in the back of the car (or on the top - not sure).

He is dropping me home with it and swapping it for the knackered old mattress which folds in four(!!) to take it to the tip.

I have no idea where Mike is - not got phone on him. He was going to do the mattress-swapping job earlier today with Anton but they decided it wouldn't fit in the car.

I expect he's gone to Dave's birthday bash at Reef, where I am supposed to be going, but instead I have to spend the next half hour with my father struggling to shift a double mattress in and a double mattress out of my flat.

Ho hum.

This sort of absurdity seems to be quite common in my life...
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