April 6th, 2006



Have spent since 11:30 in town with the parents. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Initially the idea was to go in town with mother to get my wedding underwear - instead, she dragged my father in as well (effing embarrassing)and spent most of the time we had trying on her mother of the bride outfit - and it is a 'mother of the bride' outfit - floral print and all, then shopping for cards for other things and not being an awful lot of help.

I tend to shop in a 'smash and grab' style. I go into a shop, overlook the entire area, and if I don't see the EXACT thing I want I walk right out again.

Mother has to loiter, while dad stands 4 respectful feet behind (cowering) looking like a mentalist.

If I'd gone on my own, and lets be honest, if I or she'd thought about it, we'd have gone straight to Ann Summers and got exactly what I want, but we went to Debenhams (okish but not right), Marks and Spencers (grannies only) and BHS (bugger all) then home.

Am pissed off. The whole thing took 3 fucking hours when I'd have done the entire route and more in under an hour and got more done as well.


Next time I'm going in on my own!!

Otherwise, I'm off to a hospital appointment at four o'clock for my sinuses, and they'll be digging me a big coke hole through sometime after the wedding. According to the x-rays I have inflammation all the way to the back of my right sinus (the deviated/blocked one) and they want to do a 'risky' operation to remove the inflammation at the back. Sod that! I'll just have the routine septum removal thanks, and see if that works....

What else is going on in Lizzi-land?

Hmm... Am still looking at electric 'cellos, since my normal one needs a lot of work on it and the gig supporting Seth Lakeman is 20th May... Might well fork out for a nice amplified RAWK jobbie;)

Ta ta for now,

at least it's not raining I suppose...
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