April 2nd, 2006



Not got round to uploading new website pages yet. I don't have the email with the login info as I think it got lost amongst 3000-odd spam emails that I've just deleted. Tis a Sunday so no-one is working either...


Will have to do tommorrow if I have time.


Mike's sister is coming down from London by 7pm and I have to go back to get her room ready. She is staying overnight for another job interview tommorrow - she's a graphic designer in London and wants to relocate down here.

The Landlord is also arriving for rent tommorrow morning and I have to meet him, and Mike is at work in The Drum Shop also...

*expletive deleted*

'Spose I may as well go home and come back up here when I have a gap in the morning before work - if I can...


(Rocky Horror was great btw - piccies at some point when I am less stressed and all-over-the-place)


This is rather fun:

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