August 28th, 2005


Happy Birthday Shauny!! (end of August update)


Shauny loved his labels
So for him ‘twas such a treat
To be wearing new designer socks
Or shoes upon his feet.
The world of work had never seen
A man so tailored – so pristine –
But hidden past the wardrobe door
Were clothes he’d stored from days of yore…

(In truth I shouldn’t tell you more – but )

He’d been dressing from the other rail
And striding round in top and tail
With Pistols drawn and Banshee wail –
And sneering just like Johnny Rotten
In clothes that should be best forgotten.

But keeping secrets made him sad –
We’d rather he was smiley glad –
‘Twas clear that something must be done
To happify this highwayman.
We said “There’s no such word as ‘can’t’ –
If you want to dress like Adam Ant!”

So we’re striving to achieve some harmony
Teaming Eighties punk with his Armani.
This season will be pointy boots*
With ‘slightly slashed’ Armani suits

*(the stylists nod at gothic roots)

So here we present a happy Shaun
With smart silk tie yet trousers torn –
A stylish suit that must be worn.
We hope you don’t think this too strange –
And trust that he’ll enjoy the change –
He’ll model our entire range –




Am somewhat knackered - have been SOOO busy all summer what with one gig or festival or another... And have had *the busiest week* to date this week too.

Summer has been weekends full of festivals and week nights of gigs and stuff - or parties or whatever. Last Sunday we went to Cornwall to camp overnight with friends of Mikes (who are still apparently stuck in Truro as their car broke down on wednesday - they live in Hornchurch... Oh dear). Went for a very bloody long walk to a seaside village along the Cornish cliff paths and I got very sunburnt indeed.

(it's NOT FUNNY!!)

Camped overnight, I drank vast quantities of mead and then we went back late night Monday.

Tuesday we got the train up to London and straight to a pre-wedding party of one of Mikes friends at London Bridge when we got there. We were staying at his sisters in East London (West Ham) and got there about midnight-ish.

During the party we found out that we'd got the date wrong for Chris' wedding - it was on Friday instead of Wednesday - so we had to stay longer and didn't have the clothes spare either...

Apologies to my London friends for not catching up with you but it has been SERIOUSLY hectic:/

As we had two days spare Mike took me to the Tate Modern on the Wednesday and via a few pubs on the way home... Then Thursday we went to Camden with Mike's sister and did a spot of shopping, lots of walking and pubs etc - got back about 11pm.

Friday we had to go all the way to Wimbledon from West Ham for the wedding... The getting there was fine, the wedding was wonderful and then we all got on a coach to the reception at a golf course hotel place in Surrey somewhere... Fantastic meal - fireworks...

It all went on rather too long and by the time we got back to Wimbledon there was only one train left (12:47am) to Waterloo. Mike and I kind of didn't think about things and followed our friends on to the train - they got off at Crystal Palace and we ended up at Waterloo at 1am with no idea what bus to get or exactly where from to get back to West Ham...

So we ended up wandering along by the London Eye, and spent about an hour with some studenty jazz types busking on the pavement there - small drumkit, saxophone, singing etc etc... Then we went via Trafalgar Square and had a coffee. We were both severely knackered and crotchety by then - both still wearing suits and stuff from the wedding party - Mike was a bit drunk... When we found the bus stop (N15) we then had to wait till about 4:30 in the morning till it arrived... AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Finally got off the bus (at the wrong stop - went past ours by two) and then had to find a taxi place to take us to Rosie's road - as we didn't know what side of the high street or whatever we were and were pretty much lost by all accounts...

Yesterday we woke up at 12, left at 1pm - got to Paddington and found our tickets weren't valid on Saturdays at the last minute - queued to get them changed, ran for the train (during which my blouse came completely unbuttoned and I didn't realise till I sat down!!) - then the train kept breaking down all the way home and we didn't get in till just after 8 o clock in the evening.

I was supposed to be going to Shauny's birthday party last night but I just NEEDED sleep so much....

This afternoon Mike has another band rehearsal and then we are going to see his other band do a gig in the evening as well - then tommorrow he has an all-dayer family fun day to play for...

And I'm back to work on Tuesday after an exceedingly hectic week off!!

That's all for now folks, we will be getting a computer/internet soon but Mike wants a Mac so I suppose I'll have to get used to it...

*hugs to all*
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