January 18th, 2005


Fizzygoodmakefeelnice - A Recommendation

Sunday night was a goood night out - didn't get back in till about 4:30 in the morning - lots of flowing drinks and enjoyable conversation!

Monday, fizzygoodmakefeelnice and a couple of ibuprofen effectively removed the hangover - for those not 'in the know', fizzygoodmakefeelnice is actually Boots Diarhoeaa rehydration sachets in blackcurrant flavour. Obviously intended for bouts of dodgy tummy activity, but very very good indeed for replacing lost fluids, dehydration and body salts when you lawfully should be suffering a dreadful hangover - they are my saviour!!

Had a very lazy day - watched Van Helsing in the evening - which was an enjoyable romp and I WANT that corset - then a mind-numbing night at work on account of foreign mail. Today is an equally lazy day - but I do have *some* things to do anyway - college work and schtuf...

Well, ho hum, better get on...

Your Blasphemous Depeche Mode Song by Keythah
Favorite DM Album?
Favorite Song of the List?
Line 1But the Lord himself would blush
Line 2Someone to hear your prayers
Line 3Now I'm not looking for absolution
Line 4Thank the Lord for small mercies
Line 5Moved, by a higher love
Line 6Found new life in Jesus Christ
Line 7An aching to be free
Line 8Lose your inhibitions
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