January 14th, 2005


Harumph. You win one you lose one.

It's 400 words short of the maximum. It's crap and rushed and a week late. I started it at 6am after a stupid phonecall to Mike that I shouldn't have made and I bet I've pissed him off:(((

So here it is (without pictures as I can't be arsed to link them in).

I expect I might scrape a C.

Collapse )

I feel sick. Got to be at the doctors at 8:40 and I don't know if I ought to go for a lie down or not. I've texted Mike apologising but I feel like crap for having rung him in such a stupid 'cant do it wont do it' tizzy at 5am:(((

Oh fucking hormones - not a good time of the month. Need a fucking fag right now.
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