December 17th, 2004


In which VampGirl catches up and takes things apart.


I think 17 years is a good lifespan for a black metal tubeframe Habitat bed, don't you?

Got stuck about twenty minutes ago and had to call my father to hit the bedbase with a hammer as I couldn't get it apart. Tis done now, and I have to get the double bed upstairs into the loft...

Why do I do these things when I'm in the severe gut-ache totm?? Peculiar!!

My mother says its because I'm nesting - I think it's because I'm trying to distract myself from the pain... Or shift those cramps quicker? Dunno. Sorry lol!


Saturday Update: The Damned were bloody fantastic, got right down the front to see up Captain Sensible's skirt - he came on in a schoolgirl outfit for the encore... And ate a potnoodle onstage, and played a kids plastic double-necked toy guitar then said 'that's how easy it is for The Darkness!!'.

Mike and I met up with wildgift93 and Simon, plus Glenn, missbumpkin and the rest - went to MDC Punk Nite and saw Chris, Kev etc etc etc... Fed our faces at Jakes on the way home... Blah di blah. Lots of lovely mornings/days and crappy nights at work...

Other Highlights: Going out to Revelstoke Park and spending time on the beach collecting rocks ('Hudson' is now a teapot stand - I didn't name him) and walking through the woods where Mike had a go on ALL the kids rope swings on various trees along the path - and my parents looking on bemused... and other such entertaining things *grin*.

Work-related highlight: I am in the doghouse and everybody hates me.

Fat cranky (actually rather intimidating/scary) cow at work brought in a LOUD cd player and a SEVERELY CRAPPY Xmas cd - Cliff Richard twice for starters...

She put it on at the start of shift without asking anyone - all her cronies were enjoying it...

SEVEN of us (that's a third of the team) HATED it... I found myself singing along dodgy alternative lyrics out of sheer enraging boredom... Then I got told off by Mary ("I was brought up not to spoil other peoples fun")... And sulked off with Jui-ehh!!! to sit in another part of the MDEC for the next hour.

The cd player was turned off by the manager - apparently telling them that 7 other people didn't want it intruding during work (like being stuck in a nightmare xmas queue in Argos) and could they turn it off, please. And because I was the one that happened to be the voice for the third of the team in telling the manager we didn't want it on, I've been singled out and bitched at all the rest of the week by fat cow's cronies...

Perhaps I shouldn't have been singing 'last christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day I said I was gay'... or ending the lines of 12 Days of Christmas with 'and I won't pay your bail this year' and 'and I'm fed up with you stalking me' and such like... and worse.

Ho hum. I saw the funny side anyway... And Mary SPOILED MY OWN FUN by bitching at me. So ner!!

Thankfully, Mike bought me a new personal cd player yesterday (mine had broken a month ago) so now I can plug in and zone out - which is exactly what I did for last nights 12 hour shift (6pm - 6am)... Sheer and Utter Bliss!!!

Ok, so back to destroying my room upstairs...



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