September 27th, 2004


On the run...

Gone Chopin. Bach Soon. Offenbach Sooner.

Schedule for the Week:

Emergency food shop 12 lunchtime - 2pm
Film Lecture 2:45pm - 4:45pm
B/W Photography class 6pm - 8:30pm
usual night shift 10pm - 6am.

Sleep 7am - 11am
Ring bills (don't have time today)
Writers group 2pm - 4pm
work 10pm - 6am.

Take SLR camera to get light-meter needle fixed.
Take POSH PICNIC films to chemist for processing
Ring SWEB electric/bank.
Go to Art College to renew Library card.
Work 10pm - 6am - on Duty Obs so can spend time doing 'Hairy Harry'.

Thursday:PAY DAY!!!
Sleep 7am - 11am
Shopping - my own copy of Psycho on DVD, Scart/rf lead, 10m phone lead etc
Film Seminar 2:45pm - 4:45pm
Work 10pm - 6am

Sleep 7am - 2pm
Ringing up and paying bills/making payment plans/contacting bank
Continue tidyage of room (trust me, it's a disorganised mess)
Work on some music stuff, or do some storyboarding for 'inheaven' film thing?
Work 10pm - 6am

Sleep 7am - 2pm.
Do Psycho coursework.
SWARF are playing a gig at the 'Uni' - will go to that in the evening.

Sunday: Photoshoot day for photography coursework.
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