September 9th, 2004



Poetry evening last night was *entertaining*... Some stuff was pretty good, some stuff made me want to eat the arm of the sofa I was sat on... Utter drivel/dodgy comedy... Urgh!!

Left at 8.15 and walked up to the Arts Centre to see Fahrenheit 9/11:

Fahrenheit 9/11 (15)
Dir. Michael Moore, USA, 2004, 110 mins.
After his blistering Oscar-winning expose of US gun laws, Bowling For Columbine, Moore's latest hit the headlines when its controversial content caused Disney to cancel its release in the US. Winner of the Palme D'Or at this years' Cannes Film Festival, the film opens with the disputed 2000 presidential election and the events of 9/11, picks apart the Bush family's business connections to powerful Middle East families (including the Bin Ladens) and looks at Bush's 'war on terror' which turned into a witch hunt for Saddam Hussein and the current conflict in Iraq. Scary, disturbing, funny, moving and absolutely essential viewing.

Sat in the cinema and watched it on my own as missbumpkin couldn't make it (hope you feel better today!)... It was damned good, though I suppose it helped a bit that I knew who everybody was and the politics beforehand - reminded me of a LOT of our early Weird Cabaret stuff, which was based around the Iraq/Osama thing when we started.

Also reminded me that Lockheed Martin, who provide our MDEC postal software, also do pretty much all the defense stuff for America and elsewhere inc. Patriot missiles - and funnily enough there are no foreign autocompletes on our software for Iraq, Vietnam blah di blah... Makes you think - if 60 percent of the nations post goes missing, then where are all those missiles etc going to end up!!

It's surprising how much of the world they cover for everything from department of housing, justice, defense, right through to the system that sends your post in the UK/USA and probably elsewhere. Another Halliburton??

(look them up on google and go to their products page)

(I'd better get off this topic now before I get people at the door lol! I'm not the only one who's thought of this - we bring it up at work quite regularly...)

Anyway, I walked home pondering this last night - 45 mins walk/fast hike uphill from the Barbican to my house so I got in about quarter past eleven...

Dreamt last night that the White House was surrounded by militia shouting 'come out with your hands up'... Bush walks out and gets down on the floor - yells for an explanation... It turns out to be crew and militia from the Enterprise sent by Captain James T Kirk to pick up potentially dangerous people and save the world from moral disaster... This is their second job after Columbine, which went wrong after they'd picked the kid up and then opened fire accidentally on the school.

Oh dear. Must be a satirical sketch in that somewhere...

Today I am meeting Shauny for coffee after work, and I have a lot of tidying to do.
First though, I think breakfast is on the agenda!!

*goes in search of cereal*


Here's something cool one of my friends is doing:

(x-posted for mofthf)

Analogorak: Electronic textures & noise

Every Monday 9pm Kingsbridge Inn, Totnes £1

Synth tweakage, home-made instruments,
and complex feedback systems

* Mike McInerney (composer;
* Michael Norris (Australian sound/noise artist "Fugal Quease")
* Neil Dowell (Plymothian drone artist)
* plus occasional guests

Our first gig on Monday went well.
We've just started on a web site (not much there yet).

Every week will be different. Check it out - if you don't
like it, it's a nice pub.


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