August 18th, 2004


Bit of a cashlack rantage. Sorry.

I survived work last night!! Admittedly, I didn't do a lot of keying - managed to wangle all sorts of ways to get out of it - printing out old minutes, photocopying things, paper jams which took 20 mins to fix, typing up new minutes, work time learning sessions, private conversations...that sort of thing lol!! Walked home rather smugly pleased with myself.

Slept five hours, woke up at 12:30 and went up to parents with some more stuff (will it EVER end - actually there's only really the kitchen to sort out now)...and had to sit and make conversation with the grandparents. My wickle sister Helin was there too so we escaped to the loft to talk and snuggle Chloe.

Then I spent a good two hours on the phone sorting out bills - BT is going onto some sort of card thing which you can use online - all set up to pay the 54 quid arrears by the end of the month. Water board are setting up a fresh account for my flatmate when I leave on the 27th - and I am taking the 504 (f$$%*"K!!!) quid arrears with me. We probably have about 200 owing to council tax and 400 owing to electric as well on the joint accounts we've had over recent years, so I'd imagine some lengthy payback plan or consolidation is on the agenda for me. Gotta love bill companies:/

As for my mobile bill - rang up to fix the 340 arrears on that - which I shouldn't have as an entire bill because THEY messed up again - but (surprise surprise!) their systems are down and I have to ring back at 5pm.

Btw, these bills aren't entirely of my own making (apart from the mobile), but I'm setting my flatmate up with a clean slate and taking the arrears with me for now.

9 days left till I am officially living with my parents again. Fresh start and all that. Oh joy!!

At least Chloe loves me:/
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