August 17th, 2004


Seeing Red. Baking Bread.

No, I didn't go to work last night - woke with a severely stuffy headache after my 'catnap' and could feel (and hear!!) my sinuses breaking apart between my eyes.

Horrible. And I couldn't bear the thought of eight hours of staring at a monitor typing crappy post with that going on behind my glasses...


I'm going to buy a BIG box of Nurofen Cold'n'Flu today - it's the only thing that works as it's full of pseudephedrine - and take that to work tonight. Lemsip Max Strength tastes nice, but isn't doing the job:/

Oh, and I took some pics of my newly-dyed fringe:

Gamma too dark on this comp, but hey!

Am liking this new red fringe thing...still going to grow it out long though.

There's a large white loaf on the go in the kitchen.
YUM!! I'm already thinking of hot buttered toast...

And yes, I think I look tired...still stuffy-sinus-headed:/



In Other News

I'm thinking of going vegetarian. I've been almost vegetarian for a couple of months now due to cashlack, and when I do eat meat it's only ever chicken breast or tinned tuna anyway. I eat a pasty (with beef in) maybe once a month if at all... I stopped eating red meat altogether in 1994 when the BSE thing hit the news, and kept it up until 2001 when I gave in and ate a steak pasty from Oggy Oggy, so it shouldn't be too hard.

I'm going to try it properly when I move to my parents on the 27th - I'm not a huge fan of my mother's cooking, and I witnessed her using Friday's bolognese in a Sunday lasagne this weekend - eeep!!! Don't trust what she does with meat and I'd rather do my own cooking anyway. missbumpkin (and any other veggies on my friends list) - I expect you to help me with this and provide me with yummy recipes hehe...

Just post them wherever;)

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