August 7th, 2004


Bring the bags Igor! Yeth Marthter...

I am up at my parent's house...woke up at 6pm (ish) yesterday and finished packing books...then went to work, did overtime till 9am and dad picked me up to pack the car.

Filled the car up with the backseat down and have now almost emptied the contents of my room - so I'm just about a third done with moving already (I think - though there might be a world of junk lurking in a cupboard anywhere in the flat lol!) ...hopefully just a few more bags of books, art stuff and videos...general bits and bobs and items of furniture to go.

Oh, and kitchen/bathroom stuff and another mountain of clothes...


Went via Boots to pick up my London photos - some of them are seriously damn good and will scan the best when I have less of a hectic schedule it is it's now 10:30am and I have a LOT of unpacking to do...all my bags are dumped in the hallway and they've got to go up two and a half flights of stairs to the loft...

AAA!!! ME BACK!! HAROLD!!!!???!!!'s a crap scan (not sure how to make it work yet) of a gel roller scribble I did on Thursday night...

The Intruder

Going to stay up now...have to go back to the flat with some food sometime round lunchtime, sleep a few hours and then going out later hopefully.

Not sure where though...there is an at home match of Argyle vs Millwall from 3pm onwards. Most of the pubs in town are closed and there is danger lurking on every street corner!!!


Tum ti tum. Better go and unpack!


Btw, I'm feeling a whole lot better for my night off on Thursday. Needed it or my brain would have fried...everything is on track now - though I will get a stage two interview...just hoping I won't get a warning.
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