August 6th, 2004


It's a Mad World...

I'm too hot and sweaty-nasty; feel like my face is melting, my head aches, my legs ache, my back aches, my body aches...

I feel dizzy, feel like puking when I cough too hard...feel spaced and body-weird.

Generally feel like Death.

Rang in sick and will get bolloxed for it... I'll get a stage two interview and possibly a warning, then I won't be able to go sick more than once for an entire year after that or I risk a stage 3 disciplinary and possible dismissal.

Ho hum.

I saw a scary cloud last night...looked like a horrible alien skeleton thing filling the sky with evil skull-head, huge eye sockets, gaping grinning jaw, bony neck and shoulders...rather freaked me as it didn't change shape as it moved either. Just got bigger and bigger...

I have also been exploring the joy of black ink gel rollers and licked thumb - scribbly smudgy lovely just like pen and ink drawing and watched 'Donnie Darko' (eep/wow/confuse)...

Spent four hours going through books and packing random stuff...and now my bedroom floorspace is STUFFED with big bags of clothes and books...and I'm nowhere near scratching the surface of 'things I own'.

I have way too many books for starters.

But I found my copy of 'And The Ass Saw The Angel', so now I'm happy...only problem is, it's now a quarter to six in the morning and my head is full of things to pack next and how to go about it and I have no space to do this until I shift the lot I packed today...

Can't sleep and I have to go in town today as well - pick up photos, placate the bank as I've gone over my overdraft limit again with bills going out on direct debit and visit the civic centre (sorry madam, but you HAVE to take a ticket!) to deal with council tax.

Stressed, spaced out and my sleep pattern is screwed.

The night has been too still and quiet, the roads were empty, the streetlights bright and hazy...and everything seemed hyper-real.

And now the sun is coming up - everything looks watery and cast with grey-blue dingy tinge.

*grumbles and goes off to TRY to grab 3/4 hours sleep*

Wish my brain would shut the fuck up...
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