July 15th, 2004


Forget the health food. I need all the preservatives I can get.

Yesterday evening, I went out to the Art Garden Cafe at about 5pm in my new thigh-length floofy net skirt (fluffy/poofy=floofy), a black off the shoulder gypsy top, hair crimped hauge and backcombed and black pointy boots...

Met up with Nik and Maggie (who runs the cafe) and we sat about for a couple of hours before the poetry evening began, having mad discussions about the possibility of buying a boat to sail up the Thames...or even an AIRSHIP - because the future is in the air, the Hindenberg was poorly designed and we could do it so much better this time...

The place was packed out by 7:30pm...no room to sit/move...and we all shared our poems... I read 'Cuckoos', 'Coach D' and 'Looking Forward'... everyone's contributions were superb and well-recieved, and we had vocal entertainment from Jan's 'barbershop' quartet - actually 4 women, with four songs. We had a damn good evening, and I am really looking forward to the next one.

Stayed a little while after to help Maggie with the dishes - lots and lots of mugs...then went on to Voodoo Lounge at 10pm.

Found spiralweaver and a few other people when I got there, plus Kenny, Damo, bringmestars, Stainless... I could go on... Had a fantastic time - drank a pint of bitter and three pints of lager...danced loads - Lovecats and even 'Magic Dance' from Labyrinth... I still have bondage tape wrapped round my wrist for some reason...and bringmestars unfortunately did lots of tittie flashing due to an illthought out shirt - poppers. Oops!! I even saw Bob's prince albert - what an evening!!

Left at a sensible time with the intention of going to the canteen to eat before work at 2:20...so I was walking down towards work at 1:50am and I hear:

"oh somebody please help me! Please god call an ambulance"

I went across the road to find some middle-aged guy (40 yrs old) lying by the bus stop. He'd been flagging down a taxi or trying to, then his leg had gone snap and given way - fractured tibia by the looks of it...

So I had to loosen his shoe, keep him talking, ask if he needed to call anyone, when had he last eaten, how much had he drunk, put my coat round him because he was going into physical shock... and call an ambulance.

Then I had to call work to let them know what was happening and that I might be late...thank gawd for my first aider training (st johns amblyance)...he'd been lying there for half an hour! Poor bloke!!

Amblyance arrived, I had to support his leg whilst we got him onto a stretcher, and off he went. And I STILL got to work on time...

Was falling asleep a little at work, although a sausage sandwich from the canteen did help a little, but there was low mail volume and we were let out of the asylum at 5am!!!

Alan dropped me home, and I went straight to bed, somewhat knackered, but very very buzzy from the random events of the night...plans for an airship floating round my brain.

I would have gotten up earlier than 3pm, but my mother began a text conversation at 9:30am when I'd not been asleep very long, and then I got a sodding advertising call...to which I believe I was rather rude, being barely awake when I answered at 10am...so now I'm dog-tired and feeling lethargic again. Day up. Day down. Pfft.

Ho hum. Cup of cawfee!!
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